About Us

Hello customers!

To get to know me a little better, I'm the owner of Porta-bowls, and an avid dog enthusiast. If you're like me, then we would be sharing our passion of our furry friends. 

(left is Jack, right is Freddie)

The origin of this store comes from my two passions of hiking and my dogs. I have constantly ran into the "water" problem while going out on long hikes or just in the summer heat. I love my pups, but not enough for them to slobber all over my own water bottle. It also seemed like they could never get enough water, leaving me with none for myself. (that just shows how thirsty dogs will get while exercising). 

This is where the Porta-Bowl comes in. This tool has afforded me new luxuries on my adventures that i can no longer live without! The carbon filter system makes me comfortable using water i find on the trails to give to my dogs, also provides an unending source of clean and safe water where there are water sources. I have found that the additional collapsable bowl is a perfect fit for my dogs drinking styles and it commands questions from interested strangers. 

At this point i have found something i cant leave the house without. a product i actually like and use! The purpose of Porta-Bowls is to help other pet owners and stop their pups from getting thirsty. It's a product i use and love, I'm sure you will do the same. If you've made it to the end of this page i would like to thank you for showing interest and i encourage you to send any additional questions you may have. :)


- JP